PC Hardware

We can specify, supply, install and support your PC hardware to your businesses requirements whether it be a single PC or a full client & server office solution

PC Software

We can advise, supply, install and support various types of software for standard applications or special requirements


Becoming an ever increasing requirement for most workplaces, our services include designing, installing and supporting server and network infrastructures to businesses.

PC's & Networks

Most businesses these days rely on computers to do the day to day tasks of administration and sales, whether it be for office applications like accounting or word processing, right through to full EPOS systems integrating their sales, stock management, and customer management with back office capability built in.

You might find that to date you have escaped needing to utilise computers for your business, but is it at the expense of loosing the competitive edge to your rivals?

They can make your business more streamlined and efficient if specified correctly, but if specified incorrectly, they can lead to more problems and headaches than you had before.

If you think that its about time you moved towards using IT in your workplace, or even if you already do, but cant get the level of service and support that you need, then contact us. We will listen to how you work and run your business, and then can advise you on what you need, what you don't, tell you why, and then supply, install and support your new IT solution or even just support your existing one.

Call or email us now to find out what we can do for your business.

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