Here is a sample of some of the web sites that we have created:

Web Solution 1

VEENA LEISURE LTD are a leisure & entertainment industry based company who current own a range of pubs, clubs & hotels in the north kent area.
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Their requirement was for a exciting, dynamic web solution which potential & current customers could find out about their establishment and what they had to offer. The package incorporates regular updates to news, entertainment schedules and menu's as well as adding new venues as the group rapidly expands.

The company were also experiencing daily network failures and workstation problems at their head office,and could not get any support from their existing IT supplier, so requested assistance with this area. After replacing the outdated servers and re-configuring the network and workstations, they are now working efficiently and IT problem free.
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Web Solution 2

The PUMAS AFC are an American Football Club currently playing in the British Senior League, division 2. As with most amateur sports clubs, funding and sponsorship is always an issue, and for potential sponsors to be interested, they need to see that their brand name will be noticed. The Pumas decided to develop a web presence to further enhance the coverage that their sponsors could receive as well as raising their own profile.
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After a difficult start involving a different company to produce their web site, both the project and domain name were abandoned, at which point we were contacted and took over the project. Starting with a new domain name, we created a whole new web site (which will soon be complete), for which the Pumas can move forward, raising their public profile, and being able to offer future sponsors an easy way to learn all about them, as well as keeping their fans up to date.
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Web Solution 3

Rodmersham Squash And Fitness Club originated many years ago from a family run business. The club started with just a couple of squash courts before expanding over the years to 6 courts, a very comprehensive fitness suite,and full club house with bar, beauty suite and sauna.
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The club did not have any online presence, but needed to be found online as potential members could be surfing to find clubs in the area, with the added benefit of being able to keep existing members up to date on both sporting events and social events.

The club was also installed with several PC's and a network, setup with membership software to be able to access membership records at reception so members could be logged in and out, as well as PC access in the gym to computerize all the personal fitness programs of the members. Future plans for the site include on-line court booking facilities and on-line tournament/competition registration.
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Web Solution 4

Tann Enterprise is a family run business on the outskirts of coventry. Dealing in the sale of African American hair, cosmetic and music products. Having moved premises, they wished to expand further by commissioning a web site to enable online sales of their products.
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The name of 'AFROBEST' was decided on as both the domain, and the web site name as an alternative to the high street store name that trading is carried out from. The site design was to focus around the three main areas of products with further sub categories required by the quantity of products available. The intention was to allow a greater geographic market place for sale of their products.
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Web Solution 5

The Passion Store needed a site developing to sell products online, which included a range of menswear and womenswear. They also had a large range of adult sex toys available, in total more than 2000 products.

The site needed to be easy to use, helpful and attention grabbing due to the large amount of competitors.
Due to the adult nature of this store, no picture is shown but you can click on the link below to visit the store. You must be over the age of 18 to follow this link.